Self Care Survival Guide

This year has been interesting, upsetting, confusing and above all things...unexpected. We launched our company with 10 events planned for this year; however, we've yet to be able to hold even one! We longed for a way to be able to bring some extra Magick to your home and safe spaces at this time. After weeks of preparation, we created our first series of "Self Care Survival Kits"! These kits are stuffed with our deemed "Self Care Essentials" for some much needed self-love at this time. Be sure to check out these survival kits in our shop, we only have 5 available!

We understand we can't bring self care kits to every magickal home just yet, so in the meantime we've created this FREE downloadable "Self Care Survival Guide" so you don't have to miss out on anything else!

Let us know your favorite part of the survival guide, and tag us on social media! @MagickCosmeticsBeauty

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