Ditch the clingwrap! These reusable DIY Beeswax wraps can be used to wrap foods, bowls, plates and so much more. They can simply be rinsed with mild soap and cold water. They won't go bad- beeswax has antibacterial properties! These wraps can be found in a multitude of stores, but they will cost you a pretty penny ($10-20 each). We love to DIY and save some money so we went with this simple method for creating them at home! (we spent just $15 for the supplies to make about 15 different sized wraps!)

You will need

*Beeswax (we bought an 6 pack of bars on amazon and shaved them down, you can also buy pellets!)

*Fabric (Fabric must be thin, we bought a 5 pack of 100% cotton swatches Brand:"EMMA & MILA STAX")

*Iron (high setting)

*Cookie Sheet (Large)

*Parchment Paper (you will need a decent amount of this!)

Step 1:

Cut you fabric to the shapes you want, we kept ours simple.

Step 2:

Lay parchment over cookie sheet and lay fabric on parchment paper.

Step 3:

Evenly distribute wax over fabric (this can be shaved wax or pellets OR melted wax from a double boiler; this method is more difficult to evenly distribute the wax in our opinion).

Step 4:Cover Wax/Fabric with another layer of parchment paper and begin to iron.

Step 5:Evenly melt and distribute wax throughout the fabric. This will take A LOT of ironing. The processing took us about 1.5-2 hrs total from beginning to end. Don't be afraid to add slightly more wax in dry spots and continue ironing. DO NOT add too much wax. Not only is it difficult to cleanup, it will not make proper wraps. If some spots are too waxy you can iron/squeeze the wax to the ends, you will some what we mean when you begin!

Step 6: You will need a new set of parchment paper for each new piece of fabric. If the paper becomes too waxy while working with it, don't be afraid to peel it off and add a new piece. The paper soaks up the excess wax. When the fabric is evenly coated, remove it from both slices of parchment paper and lay it somewhere hard and clean to dry (this should take only 1.5-2 min).

Step 7: Fold them and store them. These can be slightly heated to become more malleable when using on bowls and to wrap food! Try tying these with some twine! These can be used again and again, wipe when needed with cold water and mild soap.

Step 8: Take some pics of your creations and tag us @magickcosmeticsbeauty

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